Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I haven't been cooking this summer...

Yesterday was Farmer's Market day in a nearby town.  Taking the boys at least once was on my summer 'to do' list  :)

My youngest son picked out this little carton of tomatoes.  With orange, purple, yellow, and green mixed in with the red, I was very proud of his adventurous selection :)   {I have some very choosy eaters}

Some blueberries came home with us, too, but they disappeared much too fast to get photographed :)  My oldest chose a Silver Queen corn on the cob, which we will be enjoying tonight.  And I couldn't resist bringing home these sunflowers!

That little platter of tomatoes is basically how our dinner table has looked this summer.  The lunch table and breakfast table too, actually :)  I've done very little cooking, and instead have just served a selection of raw fruits and veggies along with some meat.  And you know what?  The kids love it!  They are eating more veggies with far less effort on my part, plus less time in the kitchen for me.

For example, if I served a salad, they might nibble it.  If I put out a bowl of lettuce and my little platter with cucumbers, carrots, celery, etc, they devour it!  They usually pick cooked veggies out of anything I make, but if I serve it raw and all by itself, they can't get enough.  Peaches, plums, and all sorts of fruit are flying out of our fruit bowl.

I am seriously loving this no cooking thing :)
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Happy Quilting everyone!


Cherie said...

Hahaha! That sounds like such a great idea! Get them to take their own fruit and veg rather than you slaving over the hot stove! =D

Debbie said...

Sounds like an awesome trip to the market! Love those tomatoes - my favs! Thanks much for linking up!

Carla said...

Kids are so funny! If I wanted mine to eat apples, I would cut one up and start eating it. Soon I had " help" eating it ; )