Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Are you Purging?

If you haven't heard yet, you need to head over to Stitched In Color.  Rachel has done a beautiful thing.  You see, realizing that we all have unloved fabrics cluttering up our sewing spaces she has started a purge-a-long to put those unloved fabrics to use, thereby giving us all permission to start new projects.  I don't know about you, but I definitely need a good enabler in my life  ;)

Here are my purge projects, in no particular order:

1.  these formerly abandoned HSTs are nearly a quilt top now {just need borders}

HSTs find newlife

2.  this is a giant star that I made with some seriously unloved fabrics that were given to me.

giant star of unloved fabrics

3.  these unloveds are going to be a donation quilt - I have a few more squares to cut before I start sewing.  but I'm not telling what I'm making just yet :)

unloved fabrics cut in squares

4. A charm pack of Amy Butler Dots has been hanging around in my stash for too long unused.  I'm not sure what this project is destined for yet, but the top is nearly done.  More details to follow :)  {yes, I'm being secretive today}

sewing with Amy Butler dots charm pack

5.  I keep the trimmings from quilt backs after quilting.  this pile has been hanging around waiting for me to separate the fabric from the batting for awhile.  because the batting strips were so skinny, I tossed them.  I have more small bits of batting than I can reasonably expect to use anytime soon.  {Those will need to be sorted out later}

trimmings of batting & fabric

going coastal scraps

that's it for me for now.  what about you, are you purging?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Q3 Finish-a-long Goals

my camera jumped ship and left me high and dry with no way to take any lovely new pictures for you, so I'm going to do my best to put together my list with old photos.  It shouldn't be too hard since most of these things have been 'in progress' for a ridiculous amount of time :)

1. a future quilt

the penguin quilt is actually a finished top now, and I have the backing.  Just need to baste, quilt, and bind.

2. 1/3 of 144 cracker quilt blocks

I'm putting the cracker quilt on here just for fun.  It is highly unlikely that I'll completely finish it this quarter, but maybe the top will get done.

3. dragonfly sashiko

Dragonfly Sashiko needs to become a finished something-or-other

4. binding, waiting

i'm still hand stitching the binding on my going coastal quilt, and it really needs to be done.  No, it doesn't take this long to hand stitch binding, I've just been lazy ;)

5. mondo-bag-to-be with Japanese fabric

I need to make a Mondo bag

6. split rail fence

this top still needs to be quilted

7. HST block

these HSTs are much farther along than this now, but still need some work.  almost to the baste and quilt stage, though.

That is all I'm going to put on my list.  I have other things in the works, but since my camera has been missing I don't have pictures of any of my recent work.  {Grrr...}

Finish Along 2014