Monday, August 20, 2012

simple patchwork

I have a quilt top to show you today {!}
I started it almost a year ago,
but it has barely gotten a mention on the blog.
It's just a little something I pull out every now and then,
do a bit of stitching on,
then tuck away
until the next time.

Oops, I forgot and took a sideways picture.
I really need to learn how to turn them around.
Sorry about that, folks.

Can you tell what the quilt is on?

A stegosaurus spine! hehe :)
The local playground turned out to be a great place to take pictures -
happy, busy kiddos
a dinosaur to hold the quilt
success in my book! :)

I used leftovers, scraps, and odds & ends
some of which came from my mother originally
and made a top approximately
72 inches by 90 inches.

I amazes me the large, useful quilts that can be made from
seemingly insignificant quantities
of scraps that are just sitting around.
(maybe partly because I have a tendency to way over buy?)

I have been stalled out in the waiting to baste stage
for too long.
This quilt really needs to be finished
 and snuggled by a child :)

If you don't see evidence of basting and quilting around here soon,
you have my permission to give me a hard time about it :)

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April said...

awww so pretty. I love patchwork, especially when pieces come from lots of different projects I've worked on. It's kinda like a summary of it all. :) -very lovely.

Carla said...

Great use of all those scraps. Happy basting!

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Love the bright colors and scrappiness! :o) And you're right.. what a great place to take quilt photos. Do you use the basting spray? I have recently tried it a couple of times and LOVE it. No more pinning!

Kristy QP said...

That's a sweet little quilt! Love the photography prop ;)

Oh I really struggle with the basting too! I love piecing quilts, but basting and actually quilting... not so much.

Cindy Sharp said...

How fun would it be to playon that dinasaur?! And then lie on the quilt to watch some clouds!

Well done.

Cherie said...

It's fun to see what can be made from a few odd here and there fabrics =D

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great "I spy" quilt. I've been hoping to do something similar one of these days, but haven't made it a priority yet.

Tessa @ TheSewingChick said...

Oh yes, get it quilted so a child can snuggle it! Love the fun prints and the bright colors - a perfect kids' quilt!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute place to photo a quilt!

FarahLin said...

That's a lovely scrap quilt - love the bright and cheery colors. Hope you'll get to baste it soon, look forward to seeing how you'll be quilting it. =)

Rebecca said...

Cute, so cute! Dinosaurs are all the rage in my house! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

Esther Aliu said...

What a bright, fabulous, cheerful quilt!!

Dolores said...

Love the colours in this quilt. Yes, you should finish it so some lucky child can enjoy it. I have decided to make my squares into doll quilts.