Monday, April 14, 2014

I missed the party

Finish Along 2014
I guess I'll be over here in my own little corner working on my WIPs, since I missed the Q2 FAL linky party.  And it is a long WIP list, too.  Hopefully failing to link up on time is not indicative of how much success I will have working my way through my WIPs :)
1. 36 patch blocks - I need to make two more blocks before assembling the top

2. turn these vintage pillowcases into laundry bags - I want to make at least three of these, maybe five

3.  this fabric needs to be sewn into pj pants.  I wanted these to be done for last Christmas, which obviously didn't happen.  so now I'm getting a head start for next Christmas, right? :)

4. a Mondo bag from these Japanese fabric scraps

5.  Cracker quilt from these 30's fabrics

6.  & 7.  are both in the next photo - the blue / green fabric stack in the back is for a 'brick' quilt, and the rest of the fabrics are for the Lucky Stars QAL that I obviously didn't get very far with :)

8, 9, and 10 are in the next photo.  they are a new Sashiko project, a Vintage Modern jelly roll that had started to be one thing, but then I ripped out the stitches and I'm planning something different now, and two FQs and a zipper to make a boxy pouch with.

and there are some 'roll over' projects from last quarter:

11. Going Coastal zig zags - I don't have any new photos, but the top is done and my Mom is getting ready to quilt it on the longarm for me.  The back makes me very happy; I pieced it from my collection of lobster fabrics.

12.  split rail fence - still needs to be basted and quilted

13.  making pillowcases - ironic because I have some pillowcases I am turning into something else :)

14.  penguin quilt - I can't look at another piece of fabric without my son commenting that I still haven't finished his penguin quilt, or it seems like I forgot all about his penguin quilt.  Oh, the Mama guilt ;)

I guess that is enough for now - after all, we all know I am not going to finish all 14 WIPs on this list,  during baseball season no less, but this way I'm covered no matter what I feel like working on when I do get the chance to sew :)

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

baby boy quilt

there has been a little deviation from the WIP list around here lately :)

This little quilt was made with one FQ for the center {all I did was remove the selvedge and square up the sides} and bordered with another FQ.  I was able to get all the binding I needed from a third FQ, and then I needed a bit more than a FQ for the backing.

I am rounding it off to 1 yard of stash used for my tally {which will make it to my sidebar one of these days}

As you can see, the quilting is nothing fancy.

backed with a nice shade of blue.

this quilt measures 26" x 22", and will be donated to Maine Medical Center's pediatric ICU via Knight's Quilt Shoppe
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bye-Bye March

here is what I sewed in March:

I quilted and bound my Madrona Road quilt finally, and I LOVE it!  soon I should have proper pics, the weatherman is promising sunshine!

I finished a fabric basket for a friend, and mostly made a baby quilt - it has been sitting around waiting for the last 18 inches or so of the binding to get sewn down.  I know none of you procrastinate over little things like that, right? ;)  hehe

another quilty finish - a star quilt :)

and, even though the progress isn't picture worthy yet, i did a ton of work on my Going Coastal Crab quilt.  seriously, how can you put hours into a quilt and not have any significantly picture worthy progress to show?  it is taking much longer than expected to join the rows together.  {there are 26 rows, and some of them are massive.  I think I accidentally made this thing queen sized.}  for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here is the last picture I took of it laid out, rows not joined together -

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Friday, March 28, 2014

proof of life

My Madrona Road quilt is quilted, bound, washed & crinkled - and I love it!

but this one photo is all you get today, just enough to prove I finished it :)

I botched my best chance at a decent photo shoot for this quilt {left my camera at home} so I'm just posting this one photo so I can do a little link-partying while I wait for the rain to stop over here.

have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday update

what I've been working on lately - a fabric basket made from a pile of scraps that was sitting on my desk and distracting me, and a baby quilt that I am almost done sewing the binding down on.  neither are on my FAL list.  oops :)

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Friday, March 21, 2014

star quilt finish

I can't believe I nearly forgot to share this quilt with you, because I love it so much!  It was actually done two weeks ago.

these fabrics had been sitting in my stash for a long time, and they are just too pretty for that.  It makes me so happy that they have been turned into a quilt for snuggling!

after washing and drying, this quilt is super soft!  I'm not sure if it is because of the less dense quilting than my normal, but I love the feel of it!  so much so, I'm almost sad to give it away, {here}.

a shot of the back :)

once again, Son #1 did a great job as quilt holder :)
I made the star 44" square, but it needed some added length to make it the size the hospital wants, so I added a piano key boarder to the top and bottom.
this makes approx. another 6 1/2 yards of stash used! :)

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