Saturday, August 11, 2012

wrapping 'paper'

I've got a little finish to show you

I bought a ballerina doll for my goddaughter, and wanted to wrap it up to give her. 

I can't remember exactly why I thought it would be easier to sew a bag than to run to the store for paper & wrap the gift, but I did. 

Or was it that I wanted an excuse to make the bag, thought it would be good for wrapping, and bought a doll to put inside it?  I can't remember which way it went :)

When I was finished, the bag was too small.   It only fit over the doll's head, which I thought was a bit too disturbing to give to my goddaughter that way, so the doll was delivered without wrapping  :)

I used older-than-the-hills stash fabric, and this great tutorial

My son let me use his glo-worm {his favorite toy} to 'stuff'' the bag for pictures :)

This is the picture he took himself - I think I should hire him to take all my photos :)
Anyway, now I have a bag & I don't know what to do with it.  I've been on a serious decluttering kick lately - anything that isn't nailed down is in danger of being pitched out :)


Cherie said...

Oh gosh such a shame that the doll didn't fit. Maybe you should have measure it against the fabric before you cut into it =P

Cindy Sharp said...

I bet a little girl could find a hundred things to put in a little bag as pretty as that one.