Thursday, June 9, 2011

when my sewing machine goes on vacation and leaves me home...

I have now been without a sewing machine for a whole week. Seven days.  No sewing.

You know what its like when the power goes out and the only things you can think of to do require electricity?  I should be cleaning house. Or organizing paperwork.  Or lots of stuff.  But my thoughts keep going quilty. 

 I've spent some quality time with my stash.  I took it all out of the closet, spread it out over the floor, came up with lots of new project ideas, and put it all away again.  Then I took it out again.  Nothing like a little fabric therapy :)   And then guess what?  Yeah, I went through my stash again.  Three times in a week. 

I think my stash might have gotten a little bigger this week ;)

In the absence of any real sewing, it is far too easy to shop/plan projects/cut up way too much fabric.  

 I've tried to show some restraint, but the cut out pieces of two new pojects are neatly stacked on my sewing desk.  I've go plans to cut out a third, too.  And I've pulled stash fabrics for two queen sized tops.  They are washed and waiting for the rotary cutter. 

If all goes well, I'll have my machine back from the "spa" by the end of the weekend.  Then I need to get busy, my UFO list has been growing :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Can Do It!

Have you been over to Sewn?  Leila is getting ready to kick off the We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler.
Are there quilting skills you have been wanting to try?  This looks like a great chance  to give it a whirl, plus Leila has the coolest button ever for her quilt-a-long.  Who wouldn't want Rosie on their sidebar? :)
OK.  Infomercial is over now.  Back to our regularly scheduled programing. :)

little charms...

remember this?
It found its way into this:

which I quilted in the ditch with some great melon colored thread I had on hand.

Then, when I was almost done ditch stitchin', my machine ate it.  {sigh}
At least the fabric is undamaged - I was able to cut my little quilt sandwhich free without snipping the backing fabric, which is a white-on-white star print from my stash that had slim odds of ever getting used.  Since this sandwhich back won't be seen, I thought this would be a good time to use it up. 

Can anyone guess what I am making?
I used most of my charm pack for the top, and the only additional fabric is the backing.
Happy WIP Wednesday to you!
{I'm linking to WIP Wednesday, which has a different home for this week}