Friday, August 17, 2012

Really Random Thursday... on Friday morning

How awesome is that sign?  I love it! :)   It makes me wish I had a Granny Square quilt to go with it...

you've got to smile at a shoe-shaped house :)

I'm not sure these things count as random, though, since we were at Storyland in Glen, NH - great fairytale fun is everywhere at Storyland.  :)

My boys, their father, my Dad, and I had a blast riding swan boats, giant cukoo clocks, antique cars, and all sorts of fairytale inspired rides, but one of the big highlights was definately finding these:

Fried Oreos!!!  if you ever get a chance to try them, do! they are fantastic!  my boys love them so much, they had me take their picture beside the fried oreo sign :)

I tried to get a picture of the inside, so you can see the Oreo, but they were all blurry.  I took three pictures, then I just couldn't wait to eat them anymore :)

I'm linking up to Really Random Thursday - which was so kindly left open for late partiers like me :)


April said...

Sounds like a fun place! I've never had fried oreos, but I have had fried Moon Pie! Now that was some good eatin'! :) Have a great weekend.

Cherie said...

That place sounds so cool! I love reading fairytales and watching the old movies.
Not a huge fan of oreo's, but the younger giant is! =D

Live a Colorful Life said...

Fabulous random post--just the kind I love!!! Thanks so much for linking up. Yes, a granny square quilt and that sign need to be living together!

Deborah said...

Those Oreos look amazingly yummy! Your kids must love that place!

Mama Pea said...

Fried Oreos?! Now, THAT sounds interesting! I love that place you visited. How cool! I love that sign, too. How fun would it be to have a granny square quilt and a sign like that over the bed!