Sunday, July 29, 2012

hexing along

my hexies are coming along nicely, if I do say so myself!  :)

{if you missed it, and you want to read the begining of their story, go here}

I wanted to sew 2 inch hexagons but I'm too cheap frugal to buy precut shapes, so I looked around the internet for something free.  I didn't find what I wanted, so I opened up one of my quilting books.  {hey, here is a wild idea - how about I use some of those books that are hanging around? hehe}
I found various hexagons, none of which seemed to be the usual sizes {?} and settled on one that is somewhere between an inch and three quarters and two inches.

{Oh, and I can walk again. Which makes me very happy}
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

chocolate chip cookies, hexies, and the delayed toad effect

I grew up with an older brother.  He did all the usual older brother stuff, including daring me to kiss a toad & then gleefully announcing I was going to get warts.  Let me tell you, I was some relieved when that didn't happen.

What I didn't know then was apparently the toads have a delayed effect, which I'm just now experiencing.  On the bottoms of my feet.  The treatment for which is very very painful.

Since walking is laughably out of the question, I've been spending a lot of time on the couch watching tv with a stack of chocolate chip cookies, a glass of milk, and some fabric to comfort me.  :)
These fabrics, in fact:

The orange dot is DS for Joann's.  The rest are fat quarters that came in a bundle, and not all of them have selvedge edges, but I think there is some It's a Hoot by Momo, AMH innocent crush, and the coffee beans & cups are metro cafe.

But there is one fabric I'd know from a mile away, one I've been hunting for.  Can you see it tucked in there with the rest, looking inconspicuous & all?

Pumpkin Henna Garden!!!!!!!

And yes, I did buy a whole stack of FQs just to get it.  It was totally worth it :)
I have big plans for that PHG, so I set it aside, but the rest have become EPP hexies!

this is my first foray into hexies, and I'm really enjoying it :)
I plan on bringing my hexies to a few parties to show them off, and I'll update this post when I do.
OK, one more reason I love blogland - you can attend some great parties without getting up off the couch and leaving your cookies behind :)  {and birthday cake.  did I mention there is a ton of birthday cake around here?}

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Monday, July 9, 2012

I've Conquered the Invisible Zipper!

Or has it conquered me?  It's hard to tell, haha! 

Last fall I cut out pieces to sew a skirt from fabric I bought a loooong time ago.  I had a ridiculously frustrating time doing that much , so the pieces have just sat around {until this weekend}

So, last week I came across this: 
Amy's Creative Side

and decided to finish my skirt and wear it to church on Sunday.  Even though I hadn't even looked at it for months.  And I wasn't sure where the pattern was.  But hey, why let the little details get in the way, right?

I bet you want to see that zipper :)

Ick, sorry for the crummy photo.  It looked better on my camera, honest :)

Can you see the line of stitches to the left of the zipper?  there isn't one on the right, and this is why - the directions said to handstitch the lining to the zipper.  It took me an hour to stitch one side.  Ok, I was a little distracted by the tv, but still.   I decided I could live with some top stitching showing on the other side.  Who is really going to see it, anyway?  the zipper goes over my butt, and there just aren't too many people who have any business looking that closely at my butt  :) 

interesting facts in no particular order:

- I used this awesome chocolate brown shiny stuff for the lining but didn't think to get a picture of it. no idea what it is, but it's shiny & pretty & feels so nice!

- I have no idea what the exterior fabric is, either.  I half expect this skirt won't survive the washing machine, since I'm not even certain this fabric is washable.  But it feels incredible! hehe 

- this is the first piece of clothing I've made for myself!

- I started sewing late Saturday afternoon. 

- lesson learned from this project:  when it is late Saturday afternoon and you are faced with the choice of either washing laundry or sewing new clothes (which you've never done before) if you don't want to go to church in your pj's, you probably should wash laundry.  Or go in your pj's.  Especially if you have a thing against sewing hems on Sunday mornings while getting the kids ready to leave.

- pattern is Barcelona Skirts by Amy Butler

And I finished just in time to slip it on & head out the door Sunday morning! 

P.S. - I'm back from my blogging break! hehehe  Actually, I've been lurking around.  Turns out it is hard to quit blogging cold turkey :)

Edited to add: I'm linking up to TNT Thursdays!  new things tried - sewing clothing, & an invisible zipper!
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