Wednesday, October 26, 2011

UFO review

In January, I decided to round up all of my UFOs, make a list, and finish them by the end of the year.  This being October and all, I've decided to check out how I'm doing.

First of all, I've made a change to my goals.  I am going to aim to have quilt tops finished, not the quilting & binding.  This is mostly because I have some big quilts that I need my Mom to put on the longarm, and she just broke her foot.  I was going to start seriously guilting her about a couple of those tops, but I guess I have to be nice now ;)  {if you are reading this, I'm just kidding Mom.  mostly.}

The List  {que dramatic music}
1.  a red white & blue picnic quilt - see it up there at the top? I still have a long way to go on that top2.  fruit and veggie quilt top - waiting on Mom's foot
3.  a butterfly quilt I'm hand piecing.  I also plan to hand quilt it.
4.  a machine applique flower quilt
5.  a twin size quilt with penguin fabrics for my youngest son.  This is all cut, I need to get sewing!
6.  some pretty brown and pink fabric has been waiting to become a purse  yeah, no.
7.  a small tote bag that will be made from purple and green floral fabrics   finnished!
8.  a blue and white strom at sea that my husband and I started together a few years ago   I really don't want to do this quilt, so I'm repurposeing the blues and putting them in the penguin quilt. 9.  a Christmas wallhanging   I cut this up into 2.5" squares to put in a scrap quilt.10.  an old-fashioned album quilt - eek, I forgot about this one!11.  an abandoned block of the month quilt in pretty lilac fabrics
12.  the same block of the month pattern in Thimbleberries fabrics   finished!
13.  a quilt top for my sister-in-law Quilted & Bound!
14.  a quilt top for my oldest son - waiting on Mom's foot15.  a handful of orphaned blocks made into potholders

so let's see, the tally is 4 finished, 3 ditched, 2 on hold, 6 I need to move my butt on.  In the last two months of the year.  While getting ready for Christmas.  Bring it on, baby.  I'm ready.

I'm going to link my little bit of insanity up to WIP Wednesday and Thursday Think Tank.  Check 'em out if you don't already.


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Looks like you've made some decent progress on your list! Sorry about your mom's foot. :( LOVE that red white and blue quilt!

Anonymous said...

I'm completely impressed with your goals. I think one of my goals should be to simply write down all my UFOs but then I'd probably have to go and take a nap. And by UFOs do you mean projects begun but not finished, or just those ones that you buy the fabric for and stash in the cupboard? At any rate, your list is impressive and productive--good for you!

I decided to start at the back of the WIP crowd tonight for my ten comments. Fun to read your blog!

Elizabeth E.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

oh this made me laugh!! You're so cute! I think you've done so well on tackling the list and it does help to ditch some ;)
Hope your mum gets better soon!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I love the picnic top in the photo and I think you're doing really well with your list. Hope your Mum's foot gets better soon :)

Dorothy L. Wills said...

Way to go! You're doing a great job at getting some things crossed off your list. Keep goin' don't stop now! I think it's time for me to check my list again too.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I love your red, white and blue picnic quilt! I think most To Do lists are never ending. They just keep growing. You've achieved a lot.

Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said...

WOW - what a list. You certainly like to challenge yourself, don't you?!?! Loving the RWB. Looks gorgeous. :)

Krista Schneider said...

Progress is progress! Good for you, finishing up UFOs! I love your picnic quilt, it's beautiful! Good luck finishing your goal. I clicked over from TTT :D

vikkii said...

Allison, thank you for the comments you have sent me over the last few months it warms me to hear from you. I misplace stuff all the time it will show up when you least expect it. You have done better than me with your UFO list. Happy stitching! Vickie

Leslie said...

this quilt is really lovely. i love the accent of yellow. i seem to be very drawn to primary colored quilts this year

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Love the quilt you have pictured. Most of my to-dos are still to-dos to.