Wednesday, October 19, 2011

simple stitches

Swim, Bike, Quilt

Ok, so I'm too late to the 100 Quilts for Kids party.  Since I was already planning on making a quilt to donate before I found out about this, I'm not feeling too bad about missing this deadline.  100 Quilts for Kids did motivate me to stop thinking about it and start cutting, though. 

There is a group of quilters who meet at the library in town on Saturday mornings, so last weekend I packed up my Janome & fabric squares and headed down.  Usually I can't make it because of my kiddos, but they were having a sleepover with their Dad.

The fabrics range from pawprints to pirates to John Deere tractors.  They are nearly all leftovers {I always buy way too much for a quilt project - I have a fear of running out}

Right in the middle of blissfully {and relatively mindlessly} feeding squares through my machine, somebody asked who was going to the quilt show that day.

Really, a quilt show in town today?  How did I not know this? 

I think you know where I went after the library :)

Most of my pictures came out really bad, so I won't bother posting them.  But there was one {I think} vintage quilt that I just loved.  Here is my favorite block from it:

Just to clarify, I didn't make the butterfly quilt, and even though I *really* wanted to bring it home, it doesn't belong to me.  I don't know anything about it becase I was too busy admiring it to look for tags.

Ok, I'm headed over to Freshly Pieced to see what everyone else is doing.  See you there!


Catherine said...

oh I wish our library did something like that - I think there would be a lot of disapproving looks at the whirring of the machines

Unknown said...

I love blissfully and mindlessly feeding squares to my machine. Very relaxing!

Rebecca said...

I should really go through my scraps for some charity quilts too. :)

Kleep said...

I always feel like I ought to go to a quilt show. Usually they're about five hours away though. Maybe someday.