Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a little R & R

I went on quilt retreat!!! Yay!!!
Look, here is my machine on vacation:

Doesn't she look relaxed?  {grin}

I went for four days, along with the Fabulous Leslie, whom I hitched a ride up with.  My Mom and two of my Aunts stayed the whole week {I'm sooo jealous}

While I was on retreat, my hubby was in San Diego, so the kiddos bounced around relatives :)  They couldn't have been happier.  In fact, they had a countdown started six weeks ahead of time ("Mom, are you leaving yet?") and they are already trying to send me back {no arguements from me :) }

It was crazyness getting the family ready to head in so many directions, and it wasn't until the last minute I even thought to wonder if we had enough bags to send five people in three directions at once (nope).  Guess who lost out in the bag-grab-fest?  Not to worry though, I found a pattern for the perfect travel bag while I was away.  Next year, I'll be traveling in style :)

I may have arrived with the fingernails of my left hand painted and my right hand bare, (crazyness I tell you) but I had a wonderful time.  Food to die for, pastries and desserts you wouldn't believe, and a steady flow of hot coffee (helpful when stitching 'til 1am). Yum.  (best part - someone else to wash dishes!) I don't think I ate for two days after I got home :) 

Here is something I made while I was away (I didn't just eat):

My second go at a zippered pouch went much better, now that I have a zipper foot.

I'll show you more later :) ta-ta for now

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