Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids Clothing Week Challange Kick off!

If you look carefully, you can see three pairs of shorts, just waiting to be cut out and sewn up  :)    One pair for each of my boys, and a dress for my goddaughter.  That's the plan.

I haven't actually done my one hour of sewing yet today, but I still have hopes of squeezing it in before bedtime. 

I did go shopping this weekend, and that counts for something, right?  That part was fun,  I'm good at fabric shopping.  I've been honing my skills in that department for a few years now.  With some experience under my belt, I can puruse bolts of cotton with the best of them, confidently laying my selections on the cutting table.  "I'd like one yard of this & this, a yard and a quarter of that, and two-thirds yard of this" just rolls off my tounge with ease.  Yup, I was feeling pretty good leaving Joann's. 

Today I opened up the dress pattern.  I'm in trouble.  Call Mom kind of trouble.  (I've had alot of over-the-phone sewing lessons from Mom.)

It makes no sense to me, in any of three languages, and I keep seeing something about cutting the lining?!?  All I can say is, I hope it still looks like a dress without one, 'cause I didn't buy lining fabric, and the shopping is done.  lol

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