Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deck the Halls Giveaway Winner

I must beg your forgiveness for being so late, but I did draw a winner for the giveaway

{drum roll}

Susie, of Susie's Sunroom!  As soon as I hear back from Susie, the charm packs of Alpine Wonderland will be whisked away through the mail, and the sooner the better, because parting with them won't be easy :)  those prints are even sweeter in person {i'm trying hard to justify buying some for myself, but it just isn't working with my new fabric purchasing strategy.  but thats for another post...}

Thank you to everyone who linked up & grabbed buttons!  You really made Deck the Halls a fun little party :) 

{if you are wondering, I did use the random number generator to pick the winner [number 14], I just haven't got the picture to prove it.  Each link up & comment from a button grabber got an entry, including A Girl in Paradise & The Way I Sew It for writting posts about my giveaway - thanks so much ladies!}

I didn't do as much crafting with my boys as I wanted, but I know we probably wouldn't have done any if I hadn't made the decision to be so intentional this year so I refuse to feel bad about what we didn't do. 

I learned alot through this experience, like how to make a blog button!  And there are a lot of awesome bloggers out there who have been very generous to share their knowledge with the rest of us {you probably already knew that}  I also learned craft kits marked 'easy' usually aren't, and kids don't always cooperate with Mom's plan, or schedule.  We had a couple flops, which I'll spare you all pictures of {I don't want to offend anyone with pictures of bearded Virgin Marys or monobrowed baby Jesuses}  but over all we had a lot of fun Christmas crafting, and I've enjoyed seeing all your festive makes, too :)  thank you to everyone who participated!


AllyJo said...

I'm confused. When did you have a giveaway? And why didn't I win it? haha, ok, that last ? was a joke. How is New Hampshire?

legato1958 said...

That's me! Did I get an email yet?
I'm so thrilled to be your winner!!