Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday

April 4th, and I have a picture of something that is not on my April sew list to share with you.  I know, that just shocks the pants right off you, doesn't it? :)

36-patch blocks, one complete, one almost, and 47 blocks left to make.  1764 little 2.5" squares of stash-busting goodness. that's the plan, anyway :)

actually, I stitched these about 3 weeks ago.  but this is the only picture of sewing progress I have to share that you haven't seen yet.

My Meadowsweet tote has been priority around here, but I'm not sharing until Friday, so you'll have to come back then  ;)

That's my biggest bit of news, really, because I'll be hosting TGIFF!

I'm a bit nervous because I've never hosted a linky party before.  Wish me luck, will you?  Better yet, come back Friday and join the link up fun - or watch me crash and burn.

Let's hope for lots of finishes being shared and Ooohed & Aaaahed over :)
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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I cut all my small scraps into 2.5 squares - one day I will make them into a quilt!
I'm hoping for a finish (finger's crossed for me too!) so I'll be back Friday!

Cherie said...

Oh gosh cutting those sized squares is a real bother. I tend to try for larger as I never know what else t make with 2.5" squares..=D

Live a Colorful Life said...

Awesome! I did 36-patch blocks last summer, but only 36 of them. They are still in a pile waiting to be sewed together! Maybe this summer...