Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Recap

On Palm Sunday, our church had a lovely evening for families.  We watched a short film on Easter, ate yummy goodies, and made crafts.  This lovely empty tomb moss garden was a favorite for my boys  :)

Saturday before Easter, I had a migrane :(  I spent the afternoon sitting on the couch watching The Incredible Hulk - the pilot episode to the late 70's tv show.  {I think this is the version I used to love when I was 2 or 3}.  When I tried to stand up, I got an awful pain in my back and its been bothering me ever since.  Its actually kind of embarassing to admit how I hurt my back.  I mean, I don't even have a good story to tell people.

How did you hurt your back?

Oh, I did it by sitting on my couch.

Lame, isn't it?  :)

Anyway, I had spent two days driving all over tarnation looking for a great pair of black heels to go with my aqua & black skirt for Easter Sunday - and I found the cutest pair! {maybe I should have taken a picture}  You should have seen me hobbling around on heels with a sore back - I could barely walk, but I wasn't letting a great pair of shoes go to waste in my closet :)

We did our egg hunt after church services, and I let the boys' father be in charge.  He bought camoflage eggs for an outdoors egg hunt!  {they were eventually found}

He also locked us out of the house!  It turned out ok though, he was able to get a window open and lift up our oldest son so he could climb in and go unlock the door.  The boys thought it was hillarious, and want to make it an Easter tradition :)  They are arguing over who gets to go through the window next time.

That about sums up our Easter - I hope you had a great one! :)

Edited to say:
I nearly forgot to show you a picture of our Easter Bunny :)
Actually, we've had him for a couple months, but he is very hard to get a good picture of since he rarely sits still.  His name is Silver.  I'll try to get a better picture and introduce you properly soon :)


Cherie said...

Sounds like you all had a great and crazy day. Such a cute bunny! =D

Celtic Thistle said...

I love the thought of sending your boys off to find camouflage eggs! That would certainly have kept them busy :)