Monday, April 2, 2012

a list for April...

Lawson and Lotti

In an effort to be intentional about my sewing priorities, I'm making a 'to-sew' list for April and linking up to To Do First @ Lawson and Lotta.  I'm looking forward to the challenge of revisiting my list at the end of the month to see how I did :)

Must Do
1. Meadowsweet tote bag
2. quilt my Wizard of Oz quilt top
3. Hands2Help quilt
4. duffle bag for my quilt retreat in a few weeks
5. 4 Pink Penguin fabric buckets
6. 3 album blocks
7. a stacked coins top made from a jelly roll
8. finish cutting 2.5" squares for a swap over at The Curious Quilter
9. tidy up my sewing room - Amylouwho is going to have a link-up for before & after pictures.  I took the 'before' pics already.  It's downright embarassing. 
10. Stay open to whatever sewing whims hit me during April :)

Might Do {as if that first list isn't overly optimistic :) }
1. DP pillow - I have 4 leftover blocks from  my DP quilt, and I can't let them go to waste, can I? :)
2. Disappearing Nine Patch - I started this last fall, and I haven't touched it for at least three  months. I'm just looking for progress, not a finish on this one.
3. laptop sleeve
4. Pink Penguin lunch bag
5. a few coffee cozies

Yikes, there is alot on those lists! But most of those are small projects or are already nearly done.  What is on your April Must-Sew list?


Cherie said...

Wow what a list!! Hope to see those things in progress as I read your blog posts =D

I have a list somewhere there are way too many things on it...

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

That's going to be a hardworking April!!
It's the 2nd of the month and I'm already distracted from what I'm supposed to be working on!! whoops!

Jennie said...

You amaze me - I have long-term goals, but I don't do them monthly. I have my weekly lists and that keeps me pretty happy. I did join the Finish Along and have my quarterly goals - will blog that on Saturday.

Good luck - hope you git 'er done!

Carla's Inspirations said...

Great idea!