Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday at the Table

I did some cooking today!  I haven't been doing alot of that lately, well except boxed pasta and the like. 

I roasted a turkey!

and I baked two loaves of bread!! {wow, that first one disappeared fast!}  I made the dough last weekend, put it in the fridge, and today I pulled it out and baked it.  go here for details & the recipe.

I was going to tell you about the red flannel hash I made this week, but we ate it before I got any pictures.  I am curious though, do any of you make red flannel hash with your pot roast leftovers? 

I'm linking up to Tuesday at the Table!


Jennie said...

Since I need an explanation on what red flannel hash is, that would be a no, I don't make it. But I love red, I love flannel and you had me at pot roast leftovers. Do share!

Your bread looks gorgeous, by the way!

Debbie said...

mmm - two loaves of fresh bread sound great with your chick - yum! RE: hash, I've made it once, but it's been a while. Is the 'red' from beets?? Thanks much for linking up btw!

Toni said...

Oh man, it's 7am and your turkey and bread are making me so hungry! They look great! And I think I've made hash before with leftover roast, but it usually gets made with ground beef here. Though we don't add any beets...

Cherie said...

I love bread. Just send me some of your's through the post...providing you have some left =P