Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stale Fabric Swap

Charm About You

I like rules.  I always read the rules.  I'm a rule-follower by nature.  It bugs me when people don't follow the rules.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I'm about to break the rules. 

I'm so sorry Lucy & Krista! Feel free to delete my linky if you want to, I understand :)

See, if you read the rules too, you know we are supposed to offer FQs for swapping, but the fabric I want to get rid of to swap is 1 yard.  It is a Robert Kaufman print called Home Improvement, and I bought it with a specific person in mind, who hated it, and I'd really like to get it gone. Here it is:

The fabric says things like 'what a stud' 'sweat equity' & 'work horse'.  The background is a darker blue than the photo shows, I had trouble getting a good picture.

Wait a minute, 1 yard is 4 FQs, right?  So really, I've got 4 identical FQs to swap.  And I really don't have a problem swapping them to different places, but the FQs do.  they are clinging together for dear life.  And I always listen to my fabric, because no one likes sewing with ticked off fabric, right?  {you really wouldn't get enough intact signs in a FQ sized piece to make it worthwhile anyway}

I'm not necesarily looking for 4 FQs in return; I'm the one who is rule-challenged today, not all of you.  Let me know if you'd like this fabric, and what you'd like to swap for it.

And by the way, I'd trade my right arm for some henna garden in pumpkin.  So if you have pumpkin henna garden but what you'd really like is a third arm, let me know.  Or I could look around here for some fabric you might like, if you prefer that :)
{obviously, I'm joking about the arm.  mostly.}
{I'd even take scraps of pumpkin henna garden if you don't have a full FQ.  Oops, more rule-breaking.  Sorry Lucy & Krista!}


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

naughty naughty!! I will not delete you this time but consider yourself yellow carded!
I hope someone wants a yard of man fabric and you find the henna garden in pumpkin! (I'm going to google that now because I don't know what it looks like!!) x

Carla's Inspirations said...

I would love to swap for that fabric. I have some tool aprons that are just calling its name for some little boys I know.

Check out my flickr sets to see if there is something you would like to swap for. http://www.flickr.com/photos/57493913@N08/

Rachel said...

Love this fabric, off to check my stash...

Carla's Inspirations said...

Well, I think I fixed the no reply issue with my blog account. Yes, I am still interested in the fabric. What shall we do next?