Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Somewhere, over the Rainbow...

Thursday morning a friend called and invited me & my boys to go on a picnic by the ocean on Monday {of course I said yes!}.  Thursday evening I thought 'wait, I don't have a picnic blanket!'  so I pulled out a Wizard of Oz kit my Aunt gave me and started cutting, very happy to think I would have a picnic blanket by Monday.

Fussy cutting the panel didn't go to well, but other than that the piecing was easy enough.  Then Saturday, just as I was sewing on the last border strip, I remembered I was out of batting.  {sigh}

At least the top and backing is ready to go when I get the batting.

the top folded on top of the backing fabric:
main border:
this is the best pic I have of the top:
My boys were nice enough to put aside their drawing to hold this up for me, and they were so proud of themselves for helping, I didn't have the heart to tell them it came out awful & ask them for a do-over.  I'll get a better pic after it is quilted.  :)

PS - if you haven't already, go check out the Stale Fabric Swap. there's lots of fabric fun to be had :)
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Cherie said...

Wow never seen that fabric before! Love them!! The quilt top looks awesome =D

Dorothy L. Wills said...

I am so jealous that you got around to your Wizard of Oz quilt. Mine is still waiting for me.

It looks great!

Connie said...

What a neat quilt, can't wait to see it finished! I've never seen that fabric before!

Cherie said...

I've nominated you for an award please head over to my blog for the details =D

Patrica said...

Don't you just hate it when a project stalls out for lack of a main ingredient? That's why we have closets full of stuff all over the house - just in case we need it!!!