Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ramblings and Fabric Love

How do you start a quilt? 
Do you begin with a fabric that intrigues you, and then decide what to make with it? 
Or do you start with an idea, knowing the design you want to make, the colors you will use, the feel you want to create, and then hunt down the perfect fabrics to bring life to your art?

Me, I work best by beginning with an idea.  Starting with fabric before I know what I want to create feels awkward and backwards to me. 

That's largely why, even though I loved it on sight, I didn't buy any Meadowsweet when I first saw it.  I didn't know what I'd do with it.

But I do now.

I think I should hang lengths ceiling to floor, all around my living room, alternating various prints from the collection.  Look, I've got a start

Beautiful, isn't it?  (I'm terribly sorry for the sideways picture, but I'm not sure how to turn them around.) This is my favorite print from the collection.  I love the orange and chocolate.

Oh, and here's another (fabric is right side up this time, unfortunately the photo isn't)

Doesn't it make the perfect backdrop for the rocking chairs?  I love the orange and chocolate colors together.  (oh, did I mention that already?)

Orange and Chocolate go so well together, and not just on fabric.  This is my favorite chocolate bar, I absolutely love them.  Try one if you have the chance.  You'll thank me.  :)

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