Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mini Tote

I'm working on a mini tote right now, it's on my list of UFO's to finish this year.  I haven't completed it yet, but here are some 'in progress' photos:
(I went a little photo crazy, if you get bored feel free to scroll to the end, the last photo is my favorite)

Here it is basted for quilting.  I'm rather proud of this, since it is my first attempt at basting with thread and needle. 

Can you see the stitches better in this one?
I didn't have enough of any one print for the lining, so I joined two together.

Here is the quilting:

Inside out, stitching the sides together:

And this is how it looks now, waiting for binding and handles:

And lastly, my favorite photo, the bag being modeled by my 10 year old son:

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Annie Crow said...

Pretty! Do you have a planned use for it?