Monday, January 17, 2011

This is not a tote bag.

This is a pocket that belongs on a tote bag that has not been constructed yet.  It is a sideways pocket at that  :)  The righthand side in the photo will be the top when it is all sewn together.

There are numerous problems with this pocket that I could point out, but right now I'm just pleased to have figured out how to post a photo.  (Actually, I didn't do any figuring out, my Hubby showed me how.  Wasn't that nice of him?)  And as for the problems, well, the picture speaks for it's self   :)

Happy Quilting!

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Annie Crow said...

I'm sorry, what's the problem here? (If you're talking about the quilting not being absolutely even in the center, that barely counts. Think wonky and handmade, not problem.) This is a fun pocket! Now I'd love to see the tote. If I were a kid I would just want to hide things in that pocket.