Sunday, June 29, 2014

wearing patchwork makes me happy!

patchwork quilt skirt

After procrastinating finishing the hem for so long it's silly, my patchwork skirt is now done! :)

skirt in tree

is hanging a skirt in a tree sillier than picnicing pillows?  I think perhaps it is.  and you know what?  I like taking silly pictures :)

patchwork plaid

I bought the fabric from Joanns probably three years ago, it was a pre-made patchwork so making my skirt was actually very simple.  The pattern was Flirting the Issue by AMH.  Another yard and a half out of my stash! :)

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Ella and Nesta said...

It looks very pretty! And the tree photo is perfect for summer!

Kaja said...

My DP has a thing for patchwork print shirts, but they are nowhere near as pretty as this!

Tina Short said...

Loving the skirt. I remember 40 something years ago making a patchwork maxi skirt in the school summer holidays. I made 5" squares of several different weight fabrics, folded over newspaper (!?!)and stitched them together by hand. I actually wore public. Wish I'd kept it for posterity!

Janine said...

This really is a lovely happy skirt :)