Friday, November 8, 2013

Hexies on my table

EPP hexie table topper

Hey, everybody!  I finished my EPP Hexies!

Hmmm, but what IS it, you say?

My new table topper, of course!  :)  
When I take the middle sections out of my kitchen table, it is a circle.  I think this new hexie shaped table topper will work great with the round table.

corner of hexie table topper

Once all my EPP hexies were sewn together, I wasn't sure how to finish them off into a useable object.  Finally, I decided to applique the hexies onto this piece of Kona in a forgotten color.  I didn't want to bind, so I layered batting, then more Kona for the backing, and then the upside down top.  Stitch around the edge, leave a turning opening, turn, and hey-presto!  no need to bind :)

quilting on epp hexies

detail, quilting over hexies

I quilted hexie rings radiating out from the center, and I love how the back looks:

hexie table topper back

Do you see that little bit of a stitching line in the upper left hand corner?  When I removed all the basting stitches and papers from the hexies, I accidentally left one paper in and didn't notice until it was appliqued down and the layers were sewn together, so I had to rip up the stitches and sew it back down again.

hexie table topper

If you want to read earlier posts about my hexies, click here or here or here :)
Getting this WIP done makes me feel like I'm making real progress on my WIP list {ha! there are plenty more where this came from!}

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Beth said...

What a great finish! I love knocking things off my list too! I never finish anything with my hexies I never sew them together I like that this is a nice small project.

Jessica said...

This looks so beautiful! Awesome work :) I love the no binding idea... need to do that more often around here... lol :)

Sewing Mom said...

It looks lovely finished! I like seeing the back too!

Amanda Jean said...

It's a beautiful finish! Congratulations on your progress on your WIP list. Mine could use some work, too.

Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

michelle @ sewnhenge said...

The back is awesome!!

Jenn said...

Awesome! Love hexies :).

Jenn from Mellycoddle

Cindy Sharp said...

Well done.

Sara said...

Oh I remember seeing this last week and it is a terrific finish:)

Alison V. said...

I love love love these colors!

Krista Schneider said...

beautiful! that leaving a paper in part sounds like something i would do.

Rosa said...

Love your colorful topper.Great job!

Heather Feather said...

It's beautiful and looks like so much work! It is perfect for Autumn! I love it!