Thursday, March 28, 2013

6 random bits for Thursday

1.  this is the prokaryotic cell model {made of cake!} that my son made for his science class

prokaryotic cell cake

He does the daily reading, questions, vocab work etcetera at home, and once a week goes to class to do labs with other children.  He has a fantastic teacher {completely volunteer} that I love to pieces!  This is the first cake he has ever baked by himself, and it was delicious!  the recipe came from my vintage Betty Crocker, of course :)   the gummy worms are the flagella, and the rainbow sours are the DNA.  I'd like to think I have rainbow DNA, it sounds so happy, don't you think?

2.  I very much dislike using pins.  I avoid them as much as possible when I sew.  But this week I had a project involving a charm pack of Dream On, some sweet flannel, and five yards of pom pom trim that I just couldn't do without pins.  It took an hour and a half to pin one very long seam, and when I was almost done I noticed the fabrics don't line up in a huge way and I need to take out all the pins and start again!  let me tell you, that one hurt.

orange polka dot bunny-to-be

I want to make stuffed bunnies for each of my sons for Easter.  Like every sewing project I touch this week, these are having problems too.  I was supposed to trace the bunny template, then flip and trace it facing the other way.  I didn't flip.  I did two sets before I noticed.

4.  I sewed the binding on my batik geese, but didn't make the binding long enough.  Of course I had it mostly sewed on by machine before I noticed.

I love a good pair of shoes!

I had a great shoe shopping day!  I found these super cheap on clearance.  There was only one pair left, and it fit perfectly! 

6.  I think I finally have both working e-mail and internet again, yay!  {I was without a connection for a little while, and the e-mail has been an ongoing problem for what seems like ages now}

lets go see what randomness everyone else is sharing over at Random Thursday, shall we?


Live a Colorful Life said...

Your son's project is very impressive! I actually pin things a LOT. Awesome boots!

Deborah said...

Very fun post. I'm a recently retired teacher and I have seen many variations of cell models! The best ones are made from edibles!! Love your bunny!

Celtic Thistle said...

You have had a random week!