Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November small blog meet-up

Small Blog Meet

Hello Quilters!  It is Small Blog Meet over at Lily's Quilts today!  And guess what?

My Janome has been getting some R&R this week, so I really don't have anything much to share :)

Should I share a little bit about me instead?  Ok, here you go:

Sock Monkeys creep me out, they always have.
I really love {}'s.  I don't know what they are called, or how you are supposed to use them, but they are a lot of fun :)
Some of the best things about this time of year are pumpkins, cranberries, and homemade soup, don't you think?
I love rollercoasters, but I'm terrified of the ferris wheel - sad, but true :)
I enjoy snowshoeing, and we've already got enough snow to give it a go!
I make a great Alfredo sauce.
I didn't like sewing when I was a kid, now I wish I could spend all day sewing - a bit silly, isn't it?

Well, if you are still reading after this bit of nonesense, you are very sweet, and patient.  Please leave a comment so I know you were here, I'd love to pop on over to your little corner of blogland, too.


Carla said...

Hello Allison. I used to homeschool my kids as well. We had 6. hey are all done except for one. She is in grade 12.....hurray! Anyway, look forward to visiting your blog again.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

That made me smile! Sock monkeys? really?! So funny!

JanuaryT said...

Hi Allison,
I was the same way. When I was a kid I had no interest in sewing at all, but now I want to sew all the time! What a great way to find out about other bloggers and meet new friends. I am also on the homeschooling journey with my boys as well. It has just started, so we are still figuring everything out. I can't wait to see more from you and your Janome. You have a new follower & I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog as well.
Thanks Allison

Quilt Genius said...

I am obsessed with sewing. When I was a kid, I never had the option to like or dislike it. It just didn't exist. My mom would actually staple my girl scout badges on...


Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said...

Hi Allison. Cute list. I've never even seen snow so enjoy it for me. One day... :)

Catherine said...

I used to hate sewing at school too - i dropped the subject as soon as I could: such a shame! but making up for lost time now!

Lauren Rose said...

Haha the sunglasses on the janome! And you already have snow in New Hampshire? So lucky... I look forward to reading more!

Sana Saroti said...

Hi Allison, thanks for coming by my blog! I like the fun facts about you! Sometimes those hold more info than a regular profile ;-) Unbelievable you can already use snow shoes! Here in germany we've had the worst wet, cold and rainy summer ever and now the weather is making up for it with a very warm and sunny November. Crazy!

Norine @ Five Baht Elephant said...

Hello! These are some fun facts :) I, too, am up to my eyeballs in snow right now. Though tomorrow its supposed to be in the mid-50s....

Katie said...

Great list! I checked out some of your other posts and I love what you are doing. :)

I've always wanted to try snowshoeing but just never have. I used to cross country ski when I was growing up and want to get back in to that. First, it would have to snow here but I'm ok with it holding off.

I could spend all day sewing too and always wanted my mom to teach me more beyond the basics in junior high, but she wouldn't let my sister or I touch her machine. Better late than never, right?

Looking forward to seeing more! I will stop rambling on now. :)

Susan said...

My Janome looks like it is about the same age as yours..
Totally agree about sock monkeys, fall foods and Ferris wheels...
Jealous about the show - no snow in Southern California unless I drive to the mountains.
And I would love it if you would share that Alfredo sauce recipe. :)