Thursday, September 22, 2011

my on-going basting drama

This is the top that belongs to the batting & backing that have been taped to my kitchen floor for two days. 

I picked up a can of basting spray today.  Not 505, something different and, as it turns out, much cheaper.  I used Sulky KK 2000, and so far it seems to work as well as the 505.  (To be fair though, I bought the 505 at a small shop & the Sulky at a large dept store, which could have augmented to priced difference.)

Anyway, I was getting ready to iron the top and baste it, when I decided to just lay it out over the batting to be sure everything was cut to the right size.  (This top, batting and backing have been folded up in a bag for about a year now)  See what I noticed?

It's enough to make a girl want to cry.  How do you fix a too short batting that has already been spray basted to the backing?  I sat and stared at it while my kids watched cartoons.  I cooked dinner & we ate it (in the livingroom). 

Then I went through my batting scraps and found one long enough to run the width of the quilt top.  {hurray for scraps!} I laid it out, overlapping the other batting piece, and cut across through both layers of batting.  My hope was to create edges that would abut without gaps.  It mostly worked.  Then I just spray basted the scrap piece next to the larger one.  I'm hoping the quilting will hold the pieces together permanently. 

At any rate, the quilt is off the floor, and my table is back in the kitchen.  Whew! 

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P. said...

I think your pieced batting will be just fine. Maybe start quilting on that side first just in case. :)