Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still Samplering Along

The block on the right is block #7 of the We Can Do It! Sampler.   The block on the left is my own challenge block for July.  See, in June the fourth week of the Sampler was a catch-up week, but Leila gave us some info on 'quilt math' and a challenge to use our new knowledge to design a block of our own. 

In July, the fourth week was again 'quilt math', but there wasn't a challenge.  So I decided to make a challenge block anyway.  I've always liked Indian Hatchet blocks, but have never made any.  The 'Corner to Corner' math Leila shared was just what I needed to make my own, but I really didn't want a 12 inch Indian Hatchet, so I made two 6 inch blocks and alternated them with two four patches. 

I ended up with what looks like a giant scrappy bowtie, which wasn't what I wanted, but I'm keeping it as is.  Lesson learned: more carefully consider if secondary patterns will be created once your units are joined together.

I've learned so much from this quilt-a-long already, I really am so grateful to Leila for hosting it :)
I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday - head on over to see everyone's unfinished stuff!  :)

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