Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One More Block

this is my block #5 for the We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler.   I've already done #4 and #6, so I'm headed over to Sewn to enter the July giveaway as soon as I've clicked publish  :)

I took pictures of my stack of fabrics for this quilt, but haven't posted them.  So, even though it is a bit backwards to share my fabric stack 5 blocks into the quilt, here you go  :)  :
At first, I had planned to do the We Can Do It! Sampler in 1930's prints, but in June our family began to experience some unforeseen difficulties, and I didn't want to go out and buy fabric for a queen sized quilt.  So, I pulled this stack out of my stash.

Way back when I first started quilting, I found a pattern with some pieced hearts that I wanted to make with very femminine, pretty florals, and began collecting fabrics here and there.  When I thought I had enough, I laid them all out together and realized I had been too limited in my value/pattern/scale selections, and they looked very boring as a group.  Of course the solution was to buy more fabric  :)

Well, this stack has been just sitting around slowly growing, so I decided to use it for the sampler.  Maybe someday I'll make that heart quilt.  Maybe I'll just be too caught up in new ideas and inspiration to look back.  But for now, I'm stitching along with a great group of people on a quilt I'm excited about that is stretching my skills as a quilter, and because every bit of fabric is coming out of my stash I don't have to spend a penny.  And right now, that is making pretty darn happy  :)

I'm linkin' up to Fabric Tuesday.  Head on over to see what some fabulous people are working on!

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