Sunday, July 31, 2011

I {heart} our Sunday School teachers, Part 1

About two weeks before the last day of Sunday School, I decided to sew a little something for each of my kids' teachers.  I wanted them to know just how much I appreciate their service for my sons.

The quiet voice of reason in the back of my head said I wouldn't have enough time, but I didn't pay any attention.  Darned if it wasnt right, though.  Ah, well.  The gifts are done now, and I trust a little delay won't diminish the sentiment.

The fabrics I used were Noah's Ark by Jim Shore.  It seemed an appropriate choice  :)
Above is the large focal print, and here are the other fabrics I had to work with:

I originally bought these fabrics to make a large bag for myself to carry all those things you can't seem to leave the house without when you have youngsters.  But I had been carrying childish diaper bags for so long, I decided I really didn't want to carry a Noah's Ark bag around after all. 

So the fabric has been languishing in my stash.  And that bothered me, because I liked it and wanted to use it.  For awhile I thought I would get a little more of this and that and turn it all into a baby sized double wedding ring quilt.  I wanted to use various colors to make the arcs into rainbows, with fussy cut Noah's Arks in between, the tan Two-By-Two print for a border, and the rainbow stripe cut on the bias for binding. 

It would have been great, I know it would have.  But I just had to admit I didn't want to buy anymore fabric. Or invest the time in a difficult pattern for a quilt without a future home. 

So, when I popped the top off my stash and Noah's Ark was staring back at me, I thought, Aha! I'll turn these into...
{sorry to leave you hanging, but the sun and my schedule are finally cooperating so I can get the last pic taken.  I'll be back later, promise}

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