Saturday, April 30, 2011

A different kind of stitching

Hey, did you notice my new button?  It's over there, on the right.  That's it :)  I'm taking the Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

I've never sewn any clothes for my kiddos, it's one of those To Do's that haven't made it off the list.  I'd like to make something for each of my boys as well as my goddaughter.

I don't have any definite plans yet, but these fabrics have been hanging around with no purpose for a long time now:

The top fabric is a paisley I-forget-what -it -is-called, the pink floral is seersucker I think, and the red on bottom is corduroy.

And from my garden:

I'm so thrilled my daffodils are blooming!!!  I'd cut some to share with you if I could, but we will just have to settle for virtual flower sharing, won't we?  These are new to my garden this spring.  My Mother-in-law shared some bulbs she divided last fall.  They were originally planted around the family farmhouse decades ago by my husband's step-grandmother.  I like having flowers blooming in my garden that have a family history.  :)

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