Saturday, May 31, 2014

looking back on the month of May

sewing wise, May has been a month of much progress but few finishes.  here is a recap of what has been happening in my sewing room this month

may 2014 wrap up

1.  handsewing approx. 360" of binding on my Going Coastal Zig Zag quilt is going to take awhile  2.  I'm working on cracker blocks with '30s fabrics  3.  my patchwork skirt! {almost done!} 4.  binding for Going Coastal - I needed collage filler :-P

I also finished a giant star quilt top

patchwork star w/ blue ball jar

and an as yet un-blogged Confederate General's jacket

stonewall coat two

what has you May sewing been like?

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Janine said...

You have some lovely projects in progress. I love your star quilt and the jacket. I seem to have done a lot of crafting but ended up with not much to show for it! Hopefully, I'll some things finished in June :)

Sewing by Jenn said...

I just love all the projects, thanks for sharing! I may have to add a large star quilt of my own to the to-do list!

Emi said...

Beautiful blog, congratulations.

A hug from COSTA RICA.

Anonymous said...

Love that giant star quilt. I'm yet to make one but it is definitely on the wish list!

Jenni Mills said...

Hmmmm, how are you going to quilt that giant star?