Thursday, March 13, 2014

the missing quilt

hey, guess what I learned this week?

it is really hard to keep your quilt blog updated if you loose your camera and can't share any new pictures.  yeah, so I thought I'd take a break from tearing this place apart looking for it and share some old photos.

last October-ish I finished a quilt which never got an appearance on the blog, not even any WIP photos.  I used the fabrics you see above, and this star tutorial by In Color Order, and made a quilt to donate to our church's youth group funraiser.

I backed it with a pink floral vintage sheet.  you'll need to use your imagination, because these are the only two photos I could find of this quilt.

It really looked like I was going to run out of time to finish, but I had made a commitment to donate a quilt even if it was only to myself, so I stayed up until 4:15 am hand stitching the binding and tossed it in the wash.

After a quick nap, I dashed out the door and delivered the quilt on time, but I didn't have time for photos.  oh well, I'm told the quilt has found a loving home with it's new owner, and it raised a good amount of money for the youth group, and that is what matters most.  although I do wish I had a good picture.

now, back to looking for that camera....

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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I bet it was lovely with those pretty fabrics! Hope you find it soon!