Wednesday, February 12, 2014

building a split rail fence

one of my finish-a-long projects is a quilt that hasn't gotten a mention on my blog yet, even though it is the WIP I have been spending most of my time on lately.  Please pardon the terrible pictures.  This endless winter is making it hard to find good lighting { !@&$@#*!% Groundhog!}

this is a pile of strips waiting to be sewn into blocks for a split rail fence quilt.  hopefully after a couple more days of sewing, I'll be able to take pictures significantly different enough from these photos to be interesting :)

the orange fabric to the left is the flannel I bought for backing.  I spent my Christmas quilt shop gift certificate on the backing fabric - all the fabrics for the top have been in my stash for years.

what are you working on?
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Cindy Sharp said...

The colors look yummy.

Carla said...

Won't it feel wonderful to use some of that stash : )