Friday, February 8, 2013

a pillow covered

giant car pillow

I braved a blizzard to go outside and take a photo of this week's finish.  That's because it has already been put to use and is living in it's new home, the minivan.  :)

Lately, my youngest son has been falling asleep in the car.  He looks so uncomfortable all slouched over, so obviously he needed a snuggly pillow.

I had a 27" square {so I thought} pillow form I bought for something else hanging around, so I bought some flannel from Joanns to cover it with.  My son helped sew it all together!  I love that he wants to learn to quilt & sew!  :)

It turned out fantastic, except the pillow form is more like 24" square so the cover is saggy baggy, but my son insists he likes it that way, so I'm not fixing it.

It's a Friday & I have a finish, so I'll be linking up to these fine parties:
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{I am soooooo ready for the weekend!}


April said...

How sweet! and I love the fabric!

Lyndsey said...

Keep encouraging your son with sewing and quilting, it can prove so useful later in life and is a great hobby. The pillow is fun and I love the fabric.

Lynette said...

Fun bicycles - and what a swell son to be perfectly happy with its bagginess. :D

Sarah Craig said...

It's a pretty pillow - love those bicycles! Whoop whoop!

Penny said...

What a great idea!