Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Simple Stitches

Madrona Road Squares

My sewing machine was in the shop for two and a half weeks.  I haven't mentioned it here because it is hard not to complain about it even though really, going machineless is not one of life's bigger problems.  A quick glance over the headlines will prove that.  It isn't even the biggest problem in my own life, but it kind of felt like one more thing, you know?  Not having my creative outlet wears on me. 

Yesterday I was able to pick up my machine, but like a good Mommy I cooked dinner and did all those bedtime things Moms do instead of plugging in and stitching away.  But today I was able to sew.  Oh my gosh, my machine purrs now!  Why did I wait so long to have it serviced?  {wait, I remember - I get separation anxiety} The stitches are so smooth, the motor sounds so happy, and my machine doesn't shake anymore with faster stitches. 

I should be making up for lost time and doing the frantic elf thing, but instead I pulled out my Madrona Road squares.  The 2.5 inch squares are getting sewn onto the 5 inch squares, just like in the photo up there.  Nice and easy sewing.  Just what I needed :)

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Cindy Sharp said...

I can feel you relaxing as I read....ooh....there it is....I just heard a great big sigh!

Mandy said...

oh yeah, I need to take my machine in I think. Poo... Glad you got yours back in time for some Christmas relaxation.

Beth said...

Those look squares look fun. I feel the same way about my machine too!

landscapelady said...

I hear ya! The purrrrrring of a sewing machine is music to my ears :-)

Janine said...

I'm glad you've got your machine back. Hope you find time for some sewing over the holidays :)

AllyJo said...

ALLISON! Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas. Stay warm.