Monday, September 3, 2012

1st Things 1st, Sept.

Have you heard about the new linky party over at {Sew} Allegorical, 1st Things 1st?  If you haven't, go check it out.  I'll wait for you.

{Insert quiet humming to self here}

Ok, so now I know you are just dying to know about my prep work, am I right?  :)
Well, I have been wanting try my hand at embroidery, so when Joanns had a sale on DMC floss I picked up this little pile:

After a few nights of tv watching, I had this

Nice and tidy and all ready to go :)   I  think this new linky is going to be a good influence on me - normally I would just jump in and start stitching from one of my new skeins, still living in the plastic bag they came home in.   Eventually that bag would have a big floss mess in it, and probably be lost somewhere in the depths of my sewing room. 

I've even written the DMC numbers on each little bits of cardboard they are wrapped on, so I'll always know what color is what :)

And then Joanns had another sale, hehehe

I guess I have some more tv watching/prep work ahead of me.  Only, I finished the tv series I was watching on Netflix {Doc Martin}  Any suggestions for a series to start on?  I prefer to keep my entertainment light & fluffy.  {sounds like whipped cream, doesn't it? which is also something I could use...}  I'd love to hear what tv series you all are enjoying right now :)

Basting counts as prep work too, right?  I mean, it's that necessary step no one likes much that you have to do before you can get on with the fun quilting, right?  {If anyone out there is thinking 'hey, I love to baste!' please come to my house.  I'm sure we could come to some sort of agreement like I will feed you good food and coffee and you can baste my quilts.}

I finally stopped procrastinating, and now I'm flying through the quilting, woo hoo!   I'm not sure if I will hand stitch the binding on this one.  Machine would save me a lot of time, since this is about 72 inches by 90 inches.  I'm at the point where I just want this quilt done and crossed off the WIP list already - you know how that is, right?

Follow this link to see what everyone else is getting prepped for {I feel like there should be a yellow brick road or something.  probably has more to do with a lack of sleep than anything else}  :)


Celtic Thistle said...

I love a nice box full of neatly wound embroidery floss, it holds so much possibility! If you get that mythical person round who loves to baste, send her round to me when she is finished :)

Janine said...

This is all looking lovely and so organised! I love all those bright colours :)

Allegory said...

Basting *absolutely* counts! Cause I tend to put that step off too.

Also, I totally have something to add to my prep day next month. I too went DMC crazy. Mine is in the plastic bag ;)

Cherie said...

The box of floss looks so pretty such cool shades. Hahaha another sale! (they must have remembered you there the first time round)

Urghhh basting is the worst pinning the middle of a quilt is near impossible! =D

Michelle said...

I think I'm enjoying Dr. Who. Teenage Daughter has watching it, and I'm mostly listening while I'm doing something else. What I've heard seems pretty cute and I'm tempted to go back and watch it myself. :-)

Quilter Kathy said...

I just love buying floss almost as much as I used to enjoy buying candy when I was a kid!