Monday, June 18, 2012

Cozy Plaid Fabric Goodness

I made pillowcases :)

I love that they are coordinating, but not all matchy-matchy - His & Hers pillowcases for my Mom & Dad :)

It feels a bit silly and little-kidish to give my parents handmade pillowcases, but I wanted something I could finish quickly, instead of adding to my WIP list.  And I know my parents will appreciate them.

The fabrics are all DS for Joann's.  Two different colorways of the same plaid, {I Love Plaid!} and the same grey dot for each.  My Mom loves pink & grey together, so naturally I thought of her the first time I saw this fabric.  The yellow plaid kind of looks to me like someone went crazy with a highlighter :)

And can I just say how tickled I am that what was just a pile of fabric in my stash yesterday is now two pillowcases, ready to be useful?  Does anyone else get excited about that kind of thing?

*If you followed the link above and are wondering, I have used that tutorial to make pillowcases that I donated through an LQS :)

I won't be back to my blog until July.  I'm unplugging myself for a few days, because I'm just plain exhausted & something has to give around here.  So I'm cutting out my tv & computer time until I get a few important things taken care of & get better rested.  I'll catch up with you all later, ok?


Carla said...

Have a good rest. We all need that sometime. Lovely gifts you made.

April said...

adorable pillowcases! I make them every so often for the kids/family and the pillowcase challenge charity. Have a good rest! April @ Little Mama Hen

Cherie said...

Great looking pillow cases, always nice to give handmade gifts.
Hope you're feeling better. See you when you return =D

Megan said...

What cute pillowcases! I agree - it's awfully satisfying to be able to use up all that yardage so quickly. Hooray for "doing no harm" to the WiP list! Hope your time away from the computer and TV is restful and productive!

krista said...

love that you're "unplugging." i do it often! although i stick with my iphone, that's hard to give up. beautiful pillow cases, and yes, i very much love taking things from my stash and turning them into something useful. good for you!

Deborah said...

These are too, too cute!!

Aalaina Lawrence said...

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