Saturday, March 19, 2011

time for a coffee break

Well, I finished my mug rug :)
I did all the quilting with my walking foot; along the lines to accent the fake patchwork, and around the hearts with white thread.  Then I used red and blue thread to quilt X's over the center hearts.
I bound it with the same blue I made the hearts with.  Remember the silver sparkles on the right side of that fabric?  Well, you can't see them on the wrong side (showing), but they still catch the sun in bright light, giving it an unexpected sparkle.  I love it :)
I think I'm going to use the wrong side of the sparkly blue for Mr. 5's penguin quilt, he will love the surprise sparkle when he notices it.

Putting my mug rug to good use:

hmmm, it needs something...

Yes, much better with a cherry square.  :)
Oh, and do you remember my Christmas wallhanging?  Well, it looks like this now:
I decided that I want to be spending my time on projects that are more important to me, so I cut the panel up into 2.5" squares to be used in this scrap quilt
This was a UFO on my list, so now I am down to 13.  I hesitated to do this to the panel, because it kind of felt like cheating on my UFO goal, but since I'm using the fabric for something else and not just putting it back in the closet, I decided to go ahead and cut it.  Anyway, my personal goal, my rules, right?  :)

Happy Saturday!


Ellen said...

You did a very nice job. I like the idea of a mug rug. My son wove me one as a present but it's just a little narrow thing, that sometimes my coffee mug slips. Yours has plenty of space. Thanks for visiting.

Unknown said...

Your little mug rug is so cute! I love the fabric.